Want To Join Us?

All are welcome at First Congregational Church

Here you’ll find an active community gathered to support each other on our spiritual journeys through worship, study, service and fellowship.

We believe that in God’s eyes we are all spiritual equals, respecting one another’s right to interpret the Gospel according to our own conscience and understanding. We are bound together by a shared covenant, rather than a specific creed.

So, what is Congregationalism? Learn more about it and how our church functions on the About Us page.

Our Covenant

As followers of Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to share in the worship and service of God, to grow in the knowledge and expression of our faith, to reach out with compassion to those in need, to treat each other with love and understanding, and to return to God a portion of God’s gifts.

New Member Classes

Classes are formed throughout the year for these one-time, 90 minute sessions outlining practices and structure of the Congregational Church. For more information contact the Office at 414.258.7375.